Little Peep Prep is an Early Childhood Center offering pre-school prep programs for the littlest learners in the heart of downtown Manhattan. Little Peep Prep was developed last June (2012) by a group of former Childrens Aid Society (CAS) teachers. The closing of the CAS center on Sullivan Street left a huge hole for downtown families and Little Peep Prep sought to fill that void.


Combining our 50 years of early childhood experience, our staff offers the highest quality classes and faculty available for babies and toddlers in the Village. At Little Peep Prep (LPP) we have created a safe, loving space to foster purposeful communication and play. Our programs offer a variety of Preschool Prep and enrichment courses which inspire qualities of socialization and love of learning. Through exploring art, music, literature, language, math and science in age appropriate ways, LPP’s teachers introduce simple routines, structure and provide positive guidance to help children embrace new experiences and practice newfound skills. These skills in turn help ease children successfully into their Nursery School years.


We know it “takes the Village” to raise a little one and while our primary focus is on the student, we believe in caregiver education as well. Little Peep Prep helps families flourish in a supportive community atmosphere, creating life long friends and excited learners. We cherish this amazing time in your life and work to make your child’s first learning experience special and fulfilling!


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